Unsolicited Wedding Advice

 Today’s wedding blog is about how uncomfortable you may feel when others offer “advice”, solicited or not, regarding your wedding details and budget.

You and your partner have set the date, the theme, and worked out your budget. The budget that you both have thought completely through. So how do you not offend those people who offer you advice or ideas because you and your partner want to plan YOUR special day.

You do it with respect, poise, and of course, a clear head, and an open heart.

Let the people you love and respect offer their opinions and ideas. Thank them and keep whatever it is offered in your mind and/or your notes. Something offered may be something you actually never thought about and could possibly be something you end up using. This will help you to keep a good relationship between you and them.

It’s important to remember that if you don't allow yourself to keep your wedding on track, it can derail and your vision may just fall apart with unnecessary purchases, clutter, and overwhelming feelings of frustration.

You and your partner have the power to control your wedding. Use that power to create your vision of your BEST DAY EVER.

—This blog was inspired by fellow officiant Rebecca Champagne.

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