Five Wedding Trends to Look For in 2023

Five Wedding Trends to Look For In 2023

1. Outside Spaces

During the recent pandemic, rules and regulations were put in place to protect people. One of those was to limit crowd gatherings inside. This changed weddings across the country. Outside weddings became very popular and venues immediately started offering their outside spaces for ceremonies and receptions. From pool sides to gardens, open fields to mountain tops, couples love the flexibility and beauty of these venue sites. Beach, backyard, and park weddings continue to be and remain popular to this day.

2. That First Look or Secret Touch

This new photographic tradition started right here in the United States. It's that one instant that is coordinated with your photographer to capture that special moment. It could be between a bride and groom, both brides and both grooms, and even a bride or groom with special family members.

Usually a first look photo involves one of the couple patiently waiting for the other with eyes closed or facing the opposite direction. When the incoming one touches the other's shoulder or asks them to turn around, the photographer captures that forever look of wonderment, love, surprise, and happiness.

A first touch photo is between the couple with only a touch of hands or fingers while each person is on the opposite side of a wall, tree, gate, or fence. No peeking allowed!

3. Sustainability

Many couples are looking at ways they can help to reduce the effect they have on planet Earth. Couples are considering vegetarian or vegan reception meals and the giving of small plants or seed sheets as favors. Brides are making the choice to rent their wedding ensemble instead of buying everything new. Because destination weddings add to the fossil fuel shortage and the price of travel is high, many couples are choosing to hold their festivities locally, and at the same time supporting local businesses.

4. Intimate Celebrations

The wedding industry has fully embraced the micro-wedding concept since the pandemic. These weddings are the same as "normal weddings" except they usually have 50 guests or less. It started because people became aware of who they really cared about. By having an intimate ceremony and reception, you are allowing yourselves to be exclusive with your guest list and be surrounded by the people who mean the most to you.

5. Petite Bouquets

Floral designers tell us that many brides are seeking out petite bouquets in place of the wild, abundant arrangements that have been so popular in past years. These beautiful smaller handhelds are made up of dainty blooms, like lily of the valley, lilac, and lavender with a touch of greenery. While pared-back florals look elegant, they’re also practical. Wedding dresses are expensive, so why not make yours the focal point as you walk down the aisle toward your partner?

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